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The Hufthammar farmstead, Austevoll

The Hufthammar farmstead has been restored and repaired. (Svein Nord).

Farming in Austevoll has nearly all been in combination with fishing as the main industry. The farms in the district are therefore small, even in a west Norwegian context.

On the farm of Hufthammar, to the very north on Huftarøy, many of the houses have been taken care of. The oldest building on the farm is a smokehouse from the 1600s. In 1815 a shed with a loft was moved to the farm, and this was joined with the smokehouse with a kitchen and a hallway in between. Later on an ark was added.

People have lived in the house up until 1970.The building has undergone reconstructions and modernisations in line with changing requirements to the buildings through the times. This single building can therefore demonstrate 300 years of development in building traditions and standards.

The new dwelling house is a building with a loft from 1854. For the rest there is a hayshed with cowshed from around 1820, a storehouse probably from the 18th century, and a potato cellar from before 1850.

The buildings at Hufthammar farmstead gives us a close-up of living conditions for the fisherman/farmer, and perhaps in particular for the fisherman’s wife.



  • Fishing tackle


The fishing tackle gives us a picture of old fishing methods. (Egil Korsnes).