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“Prospectus of Frekhaug”. J.F.L.Dreier, 1812

Frekhaug has been a large farm with well-off owners through many generations. The main house, a two storey building with a hipped roof, must have been erected about 1780.

The symmetrical structure was typical of the urban bourgeoisie’s building fashion in the second half of the 18th century. In the main drawing room there was a linen cloth wallpaper painted with hunting scenes - one of the favourite motifs of the rococo style - and in the “blue room”, flowered wallpaper. The building, which today belongs to Nordhordland High School, is protected under a conservation order. The order covers the exterior; on the inside there is nothing left of the original interior

  • Inngangspartiet til hovudhuset på storgarden Frekhaug

«Sælsomme Folk»

Elisabeth Wellhaven (1815 – 1901), sister of the poet (Johan Sebastian Welhaven (1807-1873) poet and literary critic.) has described the house and the people on the big farm in her book, “The Place and the Beach” (1879). In her story, “Strange People”, she describes a journey from Manger to Bergen. She lived for a time with her sister Maren Sars at Manger Rectory. It had been bad weather during the journey and they had to seek refuge at Frekhaug. She was well received by the estate owner and his sisters. She portrays with humour the contrast between the ferrymen, two sturdy fellows from Radvær and the folk from Frekhaug who reminded her of wizened fossils from a period of grandeur now disappeared.