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The marine shed at Hollmeknappe, Meland

The marine shed at Hollmeknappen was restored in 1992. (Svein Nord).

If you come by sea to Bergen and come up the Herdle Fjord, the yellow ochre marine shed at Holmeknappen is a well known landmark to starboard as you come close to the little shore settlement. In olden days Holmenknappen served important functions as a centre for a wide hinterland of the surrounding farms, warehouse, landing point, country store and later a steamer quay, a hotel (1896) and a dairy (1909). But today Holmeknappen is no longer a focal point. Transport and commercial routes have changed the old pattern

The marine shed is probably from the 18th century. Here during the great herring periods, there was the production of barrels and the salting of herring, and for some time there was a shop on the other hill. Today the warehouse has been restored with much of the old equipment in place.

Above Holmeknappen in the old farmyard at Holme there lies a smokeroom which is amongst the oldest in Nordhordland. The word ANO MDLI: 1551 is inscribed on a board. The big oval tiled cogged timber seems to determine the date.

  • Holmestova, Meland
  • Ljorekammen


Holmestova was in use until 1958. Then it was restored so that the old chimney hole emerged decorated with patterned rosettes and twisted rope motif.  (Svein Nord).

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