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Sledasteinen, Voss

There is strong evidence that the figures at Sledasteinen can be dated to the time at the transition between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, around 500 A.D. (from G. Mandt Larsen: «Bergbilder i Hordaland», Bergen-Oslo1972, Pl.63.)


Sledasteinen is a large stone slab lying between Tverberg and Skjerve. Passing this was the old salt road to Raundalen, and the people of Tverberg used to park their sledges here. But the stone slab hides more secrets than old sledges. Part of the surface is over-strewn with carved figures, mostly people, but also boats and circular forms. Here is also an animal and some trees.

The human figures are portrayed with outstretched arms and spread out legs. What the meaning is supposed to be we do not know. Are they dancing? Or are they trying to chase somebody away? And the stone does not provide an answer. At all accounts – it is a strange cultural monument.