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King Sverre in the snowstorm in the Voss Mountains, 1870.
Knud Bergslien: King Sverre in the snowstorm in the Voss Mountains, 1870.

In the year 1177 king Sverre was travelling from East Norway towards Bergen, but at Voss he was met by an army of farmers who forced him to turn round.

 One story has it that the farmers closed the road via Raudkjelda. In order to get past the farmers and into Raundalen, Sverre and his army had to take the road through Rastalii outside Klyve, where the valley narrows to a tight gully, with the rock face descending steeply into the river. The story records that Sverre made a bridge by knocking iron pegs into the rock and putting logs across. The road has later been known as Sverrestigen (the Sverre ladder). Probably there was an old road here even before this time. What later became known as Sverrestigen may have been what is mentioned as Raundalskleivi in a “road maintenance letter” of 1343, and which the farmers at Klyve and Kvarakvål were responsible for maintaining.

  • Frå Raundalen mot Klyve.

Frå Raundalen mot Klyve. Her fòr kong Sverre og fylgjet beinvegen ned gjelet midt i biletet (Svein Nord).