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Fedje bog

16.06.2018 - 18:43

The wild rabbit is really native to Northwest Africa, but the Ancient Romans introduced them to large parts of Europe. Not to Norway, rightly enough: the population on Fedje originated from 3-4 pairs that were brought here from the Shetland Isles in 1875, making this their first residence in the country.



31.03.2018 - 21:15

Some decades ago, Veafjord and the currents in toward the bigger rivers were the most likely places to see harbour seals in Hordaland. In the summer flocks lay on the beach and waited for the salmon to trickle in. Sometimes they also followed the fish a little way up the river.

Tysnes appears to be a municipality with many bat localities


31.03.2018 - 19:09



19.06.2018 - 17:48

Thousands of years ago - when the climate was warmer than today - there was probably a lot of moose in Hordaland. We know this from finds of bone from Stone Age settlements. In modern times moose have been almost completely absent from western Norway, until this "King of the Forest" began its come-back, about fifty years ago.

Wild reindeer in the mountains on the west side of Vikafjells Road, near the county border.


31.03.2018 - 19:13

The largest reindeer herd in Hordaland - outside of Hardangervidda - lives in the mountainous area between Voss/Vaksdal and Sognefjorden.