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Best salmon spot in the county

In 1997, three times as much salmon was caught at the outflow from the power station in Matre as in all of the salmon rivers in Hordaland taken together. Fisherman stand shoulder to shoulder along the shores from Matre to Haugsdalen, most of the time, year round. They seldom leave empty-handed. There is only one drawback with the sport - there is not one wild salmon to be had, only aquaculture salmon. The fishing regulations have therefore been adapted accordingly: Rod-fishing is allowed throughout the year, and in the autumn and winter, net-fishing is allowed in the sea outside of Mas Fjord. Since 1997, the fish have declined somewhat; this is a result of fewer runaway aquaculture fish in the fjord than previously.

The discharge from the power station comes from a shaft in the bedrock, where the salmon does not have any chance of swimming up. As the largest freshwater discharge in this arm of the fjord, the aquaculture salmon are nonetheless attracted to this area, in this case in search of impossible spawning sites.

Escaped aquaculture salmon threaten the natural salmon populations in 25 waterways in Hordaland. After the salmon louse, this is the most serious problem facing the wild salmon.