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The “window house” at Ystås


In the yard at Ystås lie the buildings of three holdings in row after row; an old common yard. Each holding has a farmhouse, an older version of a smokehouse, a house with windows and hayshed; half the houses are from before the 1800s. Several of the oldest buildings have been in disrepair in recent years, but means have now been allocated to repair them. One of the best-kept buildings is a “window house” with a side gallery; a store below and roomy bed-quarters on the floor above. Here we find painted chests and a door with beautiful decorative painting, a portrait of a state official. The master of this painting is likely to have been Johannes Jonsson Kjærland.

  • Ornamental painting from a glass workshop at Ystås

Ornamental painting from a glass workshop at Ystås; a portrait of a public servant, believed to have been painted by Johannes Jonsson Kjærland (Egil Korsnes).