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Finds from the woman’s grave at Trå.

Finds from the woman’s grave at Trå. (Ann-Mari Olsen, owner: Universitetsmuseet i Bergen (B 6657))


In a woman’s grave on the farm Trå remains of a bronze ladle and runic inscriptions were found many years ago. Burial gifts for the woman show that she was well off and it was likely that she enjoyed a high social status, for this is what was buried with her: two fine oval bronze clasps with gilding and twisted silver threads, a gilded, three-bladed bronze clasp with animal ornamentation, and a necklace with pearls made of rock crystal. At her feet and along the sides were placed usable items; combs for wool, spinning wheels, weaver’s reed, scissors and a seam flattener of glass, frying spit, frying pan, iron pot, iron ladle, a steatite pot, a bronze cooking pot and a bronze ladle, a small green glass bottle, knife, sharpening stone, bridle, and trunk fittings.