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The smallholding Træet, Askøy

The Bergen merchant Jan Von Der Lippe was the last owner of the entire Follese farm. In 1756 he sold the property to five of his tenants. The other farmers in the community were leaseholder under the new owners. The smallholding Træet was divided into Northern and Southern Træ. The last leaseholder in Træet was Kristoffer RAsmussen and his wife, Ana. When Kristoffer died in 1955, he died intestate. In order to ensure the values of the old smallholding and the fine natural qualities in the area, Follese Heimbygdlag was created. On the property there is a sheep-shed, boathouse and earth cellar. The old house costume inside the house from the end of the 1700s, gives us a small close-up of living conditions for a fisherman and smallholders around 1900. On the wall hangs the original drawing by Hans Dahl “En stril”

  • Husmannsplassen Træet, interiør

Husmannsplassen Træet, interiør (Hans-Kr. Bukholm).