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Smooth lungwort

Smooth lungwort grows on the pebble beach in Vestrefjæra. In order to tolerate the rough weather with much wind and beating of the waves, it has to creep along the ground. There it will be alone; there is no room for other plants. Therefore, smooth lungwort grows where no one else thrives, on naked gravel and between pebbles. Here, it grips powerfully with its strong roots. (Jan Rabben)

In a load of horse feed, the rare carnation plant red sandspurry came to Valen during the last World War. English ivy, on the other hand, spread northwards on its own, and on Herdla we find the northernmost occurrence in the country. Most typical of Herdla are nonetheless the beach plants. Some, such as lyme grass, field brome grass and the quite rare smooth lungwort (next page) prefer the pebble beaches. Others thrive best on sandy beaches. Seaside sandplant and sea rocket belong to these.

Seaside sandplant

Seaside sandplant (Jan Rabben)

Sea rocket

Sea rocket (Jan Rabben)