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Drawing: longhouse, Sætre

The longhouse at Sætre is a comprehensive structure. In a row from north to south there are a rough kitchen with slate-covered floor and fireplace, living room with a loft, a passageway in between with a small milking shed, an originally slate-covered shed and an end room with entry from the shed. In front of the rough kitchen there was formerly a peat-shed behind a large granite gable. From the rough kitchen there was a staircase up to the loft above the living room, and in front of the entrance there was a small covered gallery, a herring shed. The hayshed is joined to the living quarter at right angles.

Today the peat shed and the stone gable are gone, and the house has been altered dramatically, both outside and inside. Even so, this is still one of the now very rare longhouses that shows the principle of the various functions in the combined house, with internal connection between all the rooms.