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Hellandsfossen waterfall has Norway's highest salmon ladder, a 34 metre high staircase of 89 steps, made of cement and glass fibre-piping. This construction was finished in 1984. In 1993 a salmon ladder was built in Almelifossen, with some resting pools in the river downstream from it. The preliminary goal of the salmon stairs is to make the river above the ladder accessible as a growth and spawning grounds for salmon and sea trout, so that there can be improved fishing for these fish species. Above the salmon ladder in Helland waterfall between 30 and 60 sea trout are registered every year.

The part of the river where salmon and sea trout occur naturally is about 10 kilometres long, with a elevation difference of 120 metres. It is generally the lower 6 kilometres that are used for sports fishing. Wild salmon are considered essentially non-existent in the river. From 1989 to 1994 no salmon were seen. After 1995 some salmon have been caught, but are believed to be run away aquaculture fish.