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Vaksdal mill

Vaksdal mill (K. Knudsen & Co. KK pk 503, Bs. UBB.)

Following the breakthrough in industrialisation in the last part of the 1800s, several of the capitalists in Bergen invested in mill works. Vaksdal Mølle, established by Gerdt Meyer in the 1870s, was for many years the largest mill in Scandinavia, with unique technical details. In connection with the mill, Vaksdal developed into a community with houses for workers and executives, a church, and all equipment necessary. Vaksdal Mølle is a fascinating industrial installation with buildings from old and new times.

  • The grain silo at Vaksdal Mill

The grain silo at Vaksdal Mill to the right in the picture, one of Functionalism's masterpieces, designed by Bergen architect Leif Grung in the beginning of the 1930s.