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Færøysund, Fitjar

The old trading post lies at the sound between Stord and Færøy in Langenuen. There was a country store and steamship forwarding agent up to 1964. The trade was then moved over to the new ferry harbour of Sandvikvåg.

In the 1600s there were both hostelry and trading post here, but it could not compete with Bekkjarvik, Engesund and Brandasund, which were situated close to the large fishing banks. It was therefore difficult to mange here and the inhabitants often moved. In the 1700 and early in the 1800 it seems there was no trading going on here, as during this time only royal letters of privilege for lodging activity have been issued. When trading was liberalised in 1842 Færøysund blossomed up, and both steamship entry and post office were established.

The main building in Empire style and fine Louis XVI details on the interior, on edgings and doors, was supposedly moved here in 1838 from Lille Bergen or Fana. There is also a boathouse, a country store and a hayshed at the settlement, while the bakery and the farmhouse have been pulled down. The main building at the former guesthouse place has newly been restored and has opened its doors for new guests, with nice rooms for overnight stops in the loft and in the store – including a four-oared boat for fishing in the fjord.