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Den gamle handelsstaden på Tjernagelsholmen kring 1920 (foto: ukjent)

The old trading centre at Tjernagelsholmen around 1920.

Today very little is left of the old trading centre at Tjernaglesholmen. The main building was pulled down in 1971 and some of the old warehouses have also disappeared. The sheltered bay, with the entry protected by islets, makes for a natural harbour that made Tjernagelsholmen a centre for trading and hostelries in former times. As long as there has been traffic along the coast, a harbour like this has been a welcome shelter against the wind and the weather. During the spring herring fisheries in the 1800s there was a great amount of activities associated with Tjernagelsholmen, like trade, coopering industry and salting of herring. The harbour provided night shelter for the fishermen. There are now no more trading and business activities at Tjernagelsholmen, but the sheltered bay is still there, to the pleasure of the leisure boats that find their way here.