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The Salting shed at Trælevika.

The large salting shed that still stands at Trellevik, was probably built at the end of the 1700s, during the profitable cod-fisheries. The well-built sea house with the large hipped roof, is one of the largest and most authentic sea house along the West Norwegian coast, of the same type that the merchants erected in Sandviken in the 1600s. For a period the sea house in Trælavika belonged to the merchant in Glesvær. The yacht shed in the bay further in shows that Trellevik for a long time has been an important fish reception centre. Yachts were larger vessels used for transportation of wood and fish.

Sund municipality is about to transform Trellevik into a coastal cultural centre. Both the yacht shed and the salting shed have already been restored.

  • The Yacht shed at Trælevika, Sund

The Yacht shed at Trælevika, Sund (Svein Nord)