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Fløksand - Tidal flats

Beaches that are shallow a long way out where there is a certain difference in the tides, and which lie a bit protected from the waves, are called "tidal flats". They are often teeming with life, both on the surface and down in the fine-grained sand and mud. Sand pyramids from bristleworms and various kinds of shell attract a rich bird life. The plants have meagre conditions - most often, there are only a few species that have adapted to life in the tidal zone. A good example of a tidal flat is seen at Leirvika at Fløksand. The average difference between high and low tide in this area is about 120 centimetres. In the moist sediment, there is poor circulation and difficult conditions for plants. But, one species has found its niche here - chaffy sedge. This plant is well adapted to this special environment and is very abundant. Further in on the drier parts of the shore, one finds much hedge bindweed growing. This plant is easy to recognize by its large, white flowers.