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Godske and godske farm

Godske and godske farm (Minnealbum frå Godskegarden, gjengitt i: Universitetet i Bergens historie, Bind II.UiB 1996.)


We can thank meteorology professor Carl Godske for that also many outside of Osterøy have a special relationship to the nature on Osterøy. The youth camps that Godske established on the Øvre Kleppa farm on Osterøy in the fifties attracted youngsters from the whole of Europe, who came to "get to know nature's mysteries", as it says. Arnold Hallén wrote a travel journal from Osterøy: "He is the farmer at Kleppe!He is the farmer at Kleppe. No, not your usual farmer. He uses his farm to teach youngsters to be curious and attentive. They must learn to use their senses! One of them has become a specialist on centipedes. We can surely expect something of that chap in the future. The intelligent Godske held lectures on the spot, and he never had to search for words. Not even a centipede is too small for this interested soul, or for science."