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KOSSDALSVEGEN (The Kossdal road)

If you take the road from Mjøsvågen and Hosanger towards Kossdalen, you travel on an old road, the main link in older times between Hosanger and the rural communities further in on Osterøy. Innermost in the valley, the road climbs a steep hillside, with 17 hairpin bends and an average rise of 27 percent. The road was built on “duty-work” by the landowners in the area, in the years 1889 to 1893. After a new road connection was established between Fotlandsvåg to Hosanger, the Kossdal road went out of use. The road was restored in 1978, and now has status as a cultural monument. Wandering in the Kossdal road and up the Svenheim bends is a nice trip.