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The power station at Herlandsfossen, Osterøy

Like a cathedral with Romanesque rounded arches and Toscana gothic the well built power station lies at Herland waterfall above Fotlandsvåg, carefully constructed with jointed natural stone, an elegant example of the conscious symbol architecture in industrial buildings in the early 1900s. In 1991 the station was put into operation; a courageous and futuristic enterprise by the three municipalities Hamre, Haus and Hosanger. The operation was not without problems, from a financial point of view. Large power clients like the Nonås mines and De Norske Saltverker (the Norwegian Salt Enterprises) at Gatland in Fotlandsvåg went bankrupt, the latter was a short-lived speculation in the years 1918-23, which was never realised: evaporation of 100,000 tons salt per year, from sea water, with electrical energy. 

  • Storaas, R. (1966) Kraft til bygdene: soga om Herlandsfossen: 1916 - Herlandsfoss kommunale kraftverk 1966.