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Ole Bull's villa, Valestrand


Ole Bornemann Bull was already from his childhood strongly attached to the family property at Valestrand; an old bailiff farm from the 1600s. Every year the family gathered here in the summer, and this is where Ole got inspiration for his musical interest. He came into contact with the rich folk music tradition on Osterøy, and on the neighbouring farms he could hear musicians play in weddings or other festive occasions. He became friendly with many of the players and imitated their Hardanger fiddle tunes on his own violin. One of them Ola Brakvatn (1798-1885), later received a Hardanger fiddle from Ole Bull when he had become a famous violinist. Ole Bull put a lot of work and thought into the family farm. From 1850 to the 1870s he was at Valestrand every summer. A new main building was finished in 1869, with a beautiful chestnut avenue.

  • Ole Bull

Ole Bull (second from the right) on the steps in front of the house at Valestrand. (Knud Knutsen)

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