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Hiskholmen around 1900

On the west side of Bømlo is the privileged trading post of Hiskjo. Through several centuries the merchants at Hiskholmen have been townspeople, and for almost 150 years, until the 1850s, the OLRICH-family owned “Kremar-Hiskjo” (Trading-Hiskjo). On the other side of the sound there was “Bonde-Hiskjo” (Farmer-Hiskjo); a more recent trading post. In 1880 Jørgen Jørgensen took over Hiskholmen and had a prosperous trading activity, with the salting and smoking of herring. Today there are few buildings left. The old main building from early 1700s is protected. i blømande handelsverksemd, med sildesalting og røykeri. I dag står få bygningar att. Den gamle hovudbygningen frå tidleg på 1700-talet er freda.


  • Hordaland’s sunflower

Hordaland’s sunflower

Southwest of Bremnes lies the old fishing village of Hiskjo. The landscape here is special, with much exposed bedrock and little vegetation. On the way out there are good reasons why one makes associations with the high mountains. Between the meager knolls there are heather moors and grassy hills. An old cultural landscape is preserved better here than most places. Therefore, more mountain arnica grows at Hiskjo than in any other place in the county. This beautiful plant reminds us in no small way of a sunflower. There has been a sharp decline in mountain arnica over the whole country because of reforestation and the use of artificial fertilizer.