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In 1868 the first stone workers came to Rubbestadneset to take out the granite for the Skoltegrunns Pier, predecessor of the Skoltegrunns wharf in Bergen. Later granite was also taken out from the area, around Innværs Fjord and UransvågenN. The activity probably peaked around 1900, with over 40 men at work. 15 years later, it was finished.

The granite goes both by the name Bømlo-granite and Rolvsnes-granite or Rolvsnes-granodiorite. The colour varies from grey-beige to pale pink, and in addition, it can often have a pale reddish weathering colour. Small, black grains give the rocktype a speckled appearance. It is well suited for splitting and cutting. The granite in north Bømlo belongs to the southern part of the Sunnhordaland granite province. The province spans northward to Austevoll and Fana (Korsneset).

The majority of the Bømlo granite was shipped to Bergen, where it was used in several monumental buildings, such as the Kjøttbasaren (1874), the entryway into the old Bergen technical school on Strømgate Street (1876) (picture below), and, not least, the Sandviks Church from 1881 which is adorned with Bømlogranite. Most stunning, nonetheless, are the many stone staircases in Bergen from before World War I - not to mention, all of the curbstones in the sidewalks and the cobblestone pavements. "Bømlo-ers" are spread over the whole city.

  • Håkon A. Urangsæter

Håkon A. Urangsæter, with his Sunday suit on, in a rowboat, was one of the most proficient stone cutters. He came from the little place known as Urangsætre in Urangsvågen (to the right in the picture above). His last assignment consisted of carving out the church stairway to the Bremnes Church. At that time he was 84 years old.

  • Bergen technical school, now the  Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design
  • Granite from Bømlo

Bergen technical school, now the  Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, with granite from Bømlo in its entryway. (Svein Nord)













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