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Notaholmen, Samnanger

Notaholmen (Svein Nord).

The fishnet shed at Notaholmen stands as a reminder of the days when people used to row out on the fjord to set their nets. On Notaholmen the nets were dried, repaired and tanned. And it was a great advantage to store them in a place inaccessible for rats and mice.

One half of the shed belongs to the farm Reistad, while a cooperative group owned the other half. The group was dissolved before the war, but up until 1950 nets were repaired and tanned here. The boatshed for the large seine boats the group kept at Kverneshella, to allow them to get out when the innermost part of the fjord was frozen over in the winter. They rowed far out to sea both for the large herring and the spring herring, and for the rest they cast their nets for the sardines deeper in the fjord.