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The Tysnes meteorite
The Tysnes meteorite, drawn by Hans Reusch.


On the 20th of May, 1884, between 8 and 9 o'clock in the evening, a meteorite landed on farm Midt-våge southeast of Tysnes. Simultaneous sources tell of a "fireball that shot across the sky from the southeast toward the northwest, with lightning speed. One could hear a loud bang like that of thunder followed by several rolling rumbles". A "long white trail of smoke" was also observed. The morning after, a girl found a big, black stone in the grass.

The meteorite, weighing a total of 21.7 kilogrammes, was the largest proven meteorite found in Norway until that time. Since then, there has only been the Alta meteorite found in 1902 (78.7 kilogrammes) that has exceeded it in size. The Tysnes meteorite is now exhibited in the Mineralogical - Geological Museum in Oslo