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The mountain farm Øyna in Reinsnos.

The mountain farm Øyna in Reinsnos. (Svein Nord).

The mountain settlement Reinsnos is situated at nearly 700 metres above sea level at the end of the Reinsnos lake; an entry point to the Hardanger plateau.

The farm belonged under Halsnøy monastery and was mentioned as “isolated ground” already in the 1600s. Life was hard just under the high mountain, but there are good fishing lakes and fine mountain pastures. Up towards the mountain Reinsnosa lies “Nosastølen” summer pasture and houses, with an entire hamlet built in stone. One of the old roads east, “The Kongsberg road” passes in front of Reinsnos.

Another old road, which probably dates back to medieval times, runs from Odda up Tjoadalen to Eide and further in on the west side of Sandvin lake. A trace of the medieval tjodveg – “spearway” – the track from Hardanger to Røldal – can also be found in Tjodaminnet, a narrow pass at the Seljestad mountain pastures.

  • Haymaking at Ljosavatnet

Haymaking at Ljosavatnet around 1960. (Åsne Digranes).

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