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“The Trondheim post road” from Gaulen, Lindås.

“The Trondheim post road” from Gaulen, Lindås. (Svein Nord)


“The Trondheim post road” from the 1700s, the old post road leading from Bergen that is in best condition, passes over Munkebotn, Eidsvågsfjellet and Rolland to Tellevik at Hordvik. Here the post was rowed across the fjord to Isdalstø. From Isdalstø there was a passable road north past Seim and Neset to Låtrebogane towards the Lurefjord. Here was a new boat transport across to Hundvin, and then continuing on the road from Hundvin to Vågseidet. The transport provider at Isdalstø thus needed both horse and cart, as well as a boat at his disposal.

People were also transported in other directions than along the postal route. That might be to the hostelry place of Salhus, the church at Hamre or other places. A transport provider log has been taken care of gives a picture of the traffic across Isdalstø from 1820 to 1896. It shows that there were mostly government officials, doctors and military personnel that made use of the transport, but also the odd foreigner – an early tourist. The local people did not start using the transport station until the 1870s.

Up to 1936, when the new steamship quay, and later on the ferry quay were in place, Isdalstø was a throbbing coastal community with lodging place and trade, dairy and tannery. The tannery building was in operation until the middle of the 1970s – an old industry in these communities. In 1956 there was a new highway and a ferry landing place in Knarvik. Isdalstø was then left in the backwaters, but now it may see new activity as a coastal cultural centre.