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If you want to see special insects, then the Iglatjødno nature preserve is the place to go. A typical Insect here is the dragonfly, dark whiteface, that is also found in many other bogs in western Norway. Smaller insects better look out, because there is a good population of the meat-eating plant spoonleaf sundew. It competes for food with many spiders that have spun their webs all over the bog. The big bog spiders are also abundant, but they hunt for food on the water's surface, where they take small insects that have fallen into the water. It is likely that there are also leeches in the water here, but probably not the sensitive blood-sucking leech. This is found other places on Stord, for example at Ådland.

The flora is rich in swamp plants, with several rare species, such as great fen sedge, sandwort and adder's mouth. The swamp lies over calcium-rich ground, so several calcium-loving species grow here, such as brown bog rush and the early marsh orchid. Iglatjødno is a nature preserve that is considered to play an especially important role in preserving the species diversity - even by national standards.

  • Dragonfly in Iglatjødno nature preserve. (Stig Tronvold)

Dragonfly in Iglatjødno nature preserve. (Stig Tronvold)

  • Northern green rush

Northern green rush - a tiny and rarely seen grass - that grows on sandy ground. (Bjørn Moe)