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Mjånes, Fusa

If you enter the Sævereid fjord by boat, you will se the farm Mjånes (mjå “narrow”) where it lies high and uncluttered on the green headland in the fjord. Ancient finds bear witness to settlements long ago. Some time around the middle of the 1700s the farm was offered as so-called “free farm” for officers of the Søndhordlanske Company, which was under the command of the then colonel Segelcke on the neighbouring farm of Engevik. Later on, Mjånes has been in private ownership. On the farm today there is a house with a stairway to a loft from 1889, sheep-shed, scullery (for cooking, baking and brewing). In former times there were also a storehouse on stilts, cowshed, smithy, a small dwelling house and a smokehouse where the present main building is situated. The hayshed has a special framework construction that may be traced back to the 1500s.