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Vinnesholmen, Fusa

On the farm Vinnes there has been a smallholding as early as the year 1658, but we do not know how far back in time there have been people living on Vinnesholmen.

The first farmers we know of were Vigleik Olsson from Hjartnes and Kari Halvarsdottir from Skåte. They probably obtained title to the islet around 1800. The last user was Elisa Vindenes. She left the property to Fusa municipality in 1978. The little smallholding has been carefully restored and is rented out during the summer – an idyllic place at Bjørnefjorden and a close-up of a frugal way of life.

  • Bautasteinane på Skagatangen

Memorial stones at Skagatangen. Watercolour by Nils Hertzberg, 1829. (owner: Manuskriptsamlingen, Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen (188a)).