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Osa and the Osa fjord

Osa and the Osa fjord (Svein Nord)


At the bottom of the Osa fjord there is a cultural landscape marked by great contrasts; the wide terraces and the river delta at the fjord contrast with the steep hillsides in the background, where Norddalen leads up to the mountain. There are two farms here. Osa and Sævartveit – the farm at the river mouth and the hollow by the sea.

As many as 14 smallholders farmed at Osa in 1875; more than half the farmers here were smallholders. Today it is perhaps surprising to see how many people this landscape could sustain. Every blade of grass was gathered, the hay was collected from the most inaccessible places, amongst stony fields and mountain shelves, and all usable trees were used for fodder. It is this careful use of all resources that has formed the cultural landscape in Osa.

In the engineers’ houses, dating from the short-lived power adventure in 1915-26, Osa Fossekompani, “Hjadlane Galleri for Samtidskunst” (contemporary art) has been established.

  • Painting by Lars A.Osa

“Mor” (mother). Painting by Lars A.Osa, 1900. (photo: Egil Korsnes).