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The Søvik steading, Os

In the farmyard at Søvikhaugane, which belonged under Lyse monastery estate, we find most of what is needed in a western Norwegian farmstead. Dwelling house, residence for the retired people, storehouse (on stilts), scullery (for cooking, baking and brewing beer), pigsty, sheep shed, carriage house, hayshed, and boathouse with a boat-building workshop.

The farmyard hails from the time of the land reforms in 1863, but some of the buildings are older. They were moved from the old communal farmstead to Søvikhaugane after the land reforms. The Søvik steading provides an exceptionally accurate picture of an average tenant farm from the 1860s-70s. Amongst other things we find a complete set of tools for tile extraction, to cut out roof tiles in the Helle slopes.