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Kontrasten til den fattige fjellheia omkring kan vera stor.

Below the outlet of Lake Flote, a river runs through a narrow pass. The phyllite making up the steep sides provides fertile soil for the flora. A range of mountain plants are known from here, especially between 500 and 600 metres over sea level. There is a lot of mountain avens and herbs that give colour to the mountainside. We find similar crevassed areas other places in the Etne mountains also. Typically, such occurrences are small and associated with steep, inaccessible rock slopes and cliffs. The mountain plants are more protected here from grazing animals, and they are not outcompeted by the grass and heather on the surrounding pastures. Several of the mountain plants in Flote Pass are rare in the mountains of Sunnhordland, but are more common further east in the county.


  • Net-leaved willow.

Net-leaved willow. (Jan Rabben)