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Skånevik (photo:unknown, owner Billedsamlingen, Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen).

There are only two buildings left of the old trading and guesthouse settlement in Skånevik. They are in the centre, close to the main road passing through the settlement. The other buildings that belonged to the place, the lodging house (“Holteriet”), the bakery, the courthouse, the boathouse and the sea house with the store, were pulled down in the last century.

In the 1730s Nils jacobsen Schanche managed an inn in Skånevik without a licence. State employees characterised the inn as “unnecessary both for the General Public and for Travellers, as of Travellers there are none, and the General Public have committed numerous incidents with drinking and fighting in this Inn”. From 1785 Morten rosendahl operated as merchant and innkeeper in Skånevik. He probably built the present impressive main building with a symmetrical ground plan, which was common in Bergen from the middle of the 18th century. In the 1800s the place had several owners. Ivar Aasen lodged at Nils Nilsen Sjøe’s inn in 1844, when he was undertaking studies of dialects in Sunnhordland.

Chr, Bjelland bought the entire lodging complex in 1908. The main building was now used for hall of residence for female factory workers. The house has later become known as “Tippehuset”. The conservation factory was later erected on the spot where the sea house with the store was situated.

“Tippehuset” became more and more decayed in the 20th century. In 1984 the foundation “Gjestgjevargarden” (the Lodging House) was founded, and the house was donated as a gift from Norway Foods. Extensive restoration work was now started. Today the Lodging House is used as a Senior Centre in the settlement.

  • Painting «From Skånevik» by Lars Hertervig, 1855

«Fra Skånevik»

«From Skånevik» by Lars Hertervig, 1855 (photo: Fotograf Henriksen, owner Kode (46,5x64,5)).

  • The lodging house in Skånevik, Etne


The lodging house (Svein Nord).

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