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Grindheim church
Grindheim church. (Svein Nord)
The first church at Grindheim was a stave church with a free-standing steeple. The church was first mentioned in 1326, but was probably built long before this time.

Grindheim is one of the old major farms in the Etne community. The large terraces at Grindheim and Støle provided good conditions for corn cultivation. West of the church is a large collection of graves, probably from the first centuries of our calendar. Following the great storm in 1673 the stave church was rebuilt. At one time it had a nave of logs with cogged joints and a chancel of staves. In 1728 a new timber church was built. This building was expanded in 1853. The nave was then sawn over, the western part was moved to the west, and new timber logs were jointed into the longitudinal walls. As the church stands today, it was restored in 1954. When new church benches were put in, the interior was also painted. A beautiful medieval door fitting is now mounted on the western door. Within the interior there are also decorated planks from the stave church. In a display case on the north wall of the nave there is a rare property of the church, a decorated wax candle, Easter candle or a christening candle.

These candles were used at special services. This candle is probably originally from late medieval times or the time around 1600.

  • Stone cross at Grindheim.

Stone cross and runic stone

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