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From Tveita (Svein Nord)


By the foot of the high mountains, over the junction between valleys of Handelandsdalen and Tveitedalen, lies an interesting area of forest. It is quite inaccessible and therefore undisturbed by the modern day timber industry. The pine forest has been able to growly freely here for a long time. Many trees are old with thick trunks. We can also find old oak trees. On more fertile soil, up under the steep rock overhangs, deciduous trees such as ash and hazel grow. The fertile soil also supports a large population of basswood in the lee above Lake Tveitabotnvatnet. The lee lies at over 300 metres elevation, but it faces south and can be quite warm in the summer. The biggest basswood tree is over 10 metres high and has a wide crown. This gives it a competitive advantage over the pine tree that grows high around it.

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