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The noble family Rustung had their estate farm at Seim. At the Reformation in 1537 the archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson was forced to flee the country and Kristoffer Trondsson Rustung took his fleet to Holland. Some years later he was appointed Danish Admiral by Christian III and participated in the war against Karl V. When peace was again restored he was given the jurisdiction over a large estate with big farms and country areas both in Denmark and Norway.

Kristoffer Trondsson was married to Karen Skanke, and they had 8 children who all grew up. One of the daughters, Anna, (“The Scottish wife”) was engaged to the Scottish Earl of Bothwell in 1560. The earl left Anna in Holland after having used all her money. The jilted Anna later went to Scotland and was probably at the court of Maria Stuart for some time.

Her sister, Elsa Tronds, took over the farm Seim. She was married to the Scottish nobleman Anders Mowat who lived at Hovland on Tysnes.