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Bjoreidalen by Gamlestølen, towards southwest.

Bjoreidalen by Gamlestølen, towards southwest. Nybu is located right outside the picture to the left, on the other side of the river. (Svein Nord)

Bjoreidalen is one of the classic bird localities on Hardangervidda. It is especially known for its wading birds, with as many as 17 of the 19 wader species that nest in Hordaland.

One example is the Dunlin, which is found in the wettest parts of this area. If you are lucky you might also spot the special Red-necked Phalarope. Otherwise, Bjoreidalen has many species of sparrows, for example the Lapland Bunting and the Blue Throat – possibly the most striking of all the birds on Hardangervidda.

The whole valley has a vibrant birdlife. It is especially rich by the river from Nybu and downstream, where willow thickets grow in some places. These bushes are important for the birds, since they often nest in this type of vegetation. For this reason, tourists should keep some distance from the willow thickets. The area was made into a nature preserve in 1995. A circular path through the reservoir is clearly marked, starting from either Dyranut or Nybu. During the nesting season it is mandatory to stay on the path.

  • The blue throat

The blue throat - not only beautiful to look at, but it also has a beautiful song. (Jan Rabben)