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Vegane gjennom den tronge og bratte Måbødalen

Vegane gjennom den tronge og bratte Måbødalen (Svein Nord)


The oldest road through Måbødalen is Tymberløuptet, probably from the 1500s. This road runs from the farm Måbø and ends up at the upper opening of the Dalberg tunnel. The packhorse path, from the 1780s, runs from Tveito, further down in the valley, through the Måbø farms, across the river Bjoreio and turns in 1500 steps, up Måbøberget. The Tourist Path (picture) in to Vøringsfossen was finished in 1872. This path was built by The Norwegian Tourist Association as a riding path for English tourists. Karjolvegen (the cart road), the old highway No. 7, was built in 1916, a masterpiece in road construction and engineering skills. The new highway No. 7 was opened in 1986, with four tunnels as a replacement of the road with the many hairpin bends.