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“Standing girl”, 1908, bronze.

“Standing girl”, bronze, by Ingebrigt Vik, 1908 (Svein Nord)


In a unique eight-sided building in the centre of Øystese, most of what the sculptor Ingebrigt Vik (1867-1927) created in his short career; sculptures, mostly of a small dimension. They call for meditation and afterthought; classical, timeless portraits. It was life itself that he sought to explore in the vulnerable face of the small boy, in the young girl, still untouched by love and life’s demands. We meet the woman who sits beside life’s road and looks back on the years gone by. We meet the man, who already in his youth has met hardship and sorrow. There are so many phases of life to be found in these figures; many of them modelled in the ten years Vik spent in Paris; his best years. Ingebrigt Vik’s portrait statues are his masterworks. The statue of Edvard Grieg for Byparken in Bergen in 1917 is for many the very essence of the great composer.