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The décor from the Skogasel house

The décor from the Skogasel house, now in Stalheim Museum. (Egil Korsnes).


A short way up into the Stranda valley lies the farm Skogasel. In 1920 there was a guesthouse, or lodging house here, joined to a smokehouse. The lodging house had beds fixed to the walls and was decorated with beautiful wall décor: large, well-formed renaissance roses with flowers and vines. This painting probably dated from around the 1650s. We can imagine that it is a guild craftsman that has been at Skogasel and decorated the lodgings, perhaps in connection with a painting assignment at the construction of the new church after the church fire in 1659. The building was protected in 1924, but was left to decay. Today parts of the timber walls from the rose house at Skogasel were reconstructed at Stalheim Museum.