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  • The Sekse loft at Skredhaugen.

The bed loft from Sekse

The well-built bed loft that today stands at Skredhaugen, comes from one of the holdings at Sekse. The house was built in the middle of the 1800s, and on one of his many painting trips to Hardanger, Thomas Luraas has been to Sekse and painted beds, doors and mouldings in his easily recognisable style. The bed loft was a building into which the owner put a bit of money; this was the farm’s guesthouse, here they stored chests and fine clothes.


There have been many such bed lofts in the rural settlements in West Norway, few of them have as richly decorated walls and ceilings as the lofts in Telemark. And that was not because the farmers in Telemark were better off than the farmers in Hardanger and Sunnhordland. The difference in culture and tradition is what makes the difference here. The customs in the fjord settlements in West Norway were different from those of the mountain settlements in Telemark.