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Brekkhus (Svein Nord).

Uppermost in the narrow, ten kilometres long Teigdalen from Evangervatnet, lie the farms Århus and Brekkhus. At Brekkhus an entire craft centre developed from around 1830. The most famous was the spinning wheel production here, and wide and far in the country a lot of spinning has been done on the spinning wheels from Brekkhus. After around 1880 the men here also started producing wooden toys, rocking chairs, sawing men etc., and these were sold in shops in Bergen and Oslo and further afield. At the height of its production eight men worked in the workshop at Brekkhus, the work continued until the 1950s. Gulleik Brekkhus, the famous wood carver who carved “A Voss Wedding on Horses” (Voss folk museum), grew up here. One of the first passable roads that were built in Hordaland was the road that the farmers participated in building to Evanger, in order to be able to transport fresh milk to Bergen with the new Voss railway in 1883. The driveable road across the mountain to Eksingedalen is of a newer date, but the connection is old. On the summit you get a beautiful view over Teigdalen.