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The home of Sjur Bygd

The home of Sjur Bygd (Svein Nord).

The isolated Myrkdalen has raised many well-known artists. One of them is the writer Sjur Bygd (1889-1985). He made his debut in 1915 with “Fjellfolk” (mountain folk), a series of short stories. He later wrote “Holmgang”(duel), “Valplassen”(the battlefield) and “Luftspeglingar” (mirages), the last one in 1925. There were no more books after that, the writer took over his family farm at Bygd, became mayor in Vossestrand 1926-34, and manager of Vossestrand Savings Bank. But in 1949, 60 years old, Sjur Bygd again emerged as a writer with the great novel “I hamskifte”(metamorphosis), followed by “Draumen” (the dream), “Mot blå berg” (towards blue mountains), and the collection of short stories “Mannen og natta” (the man and the night). Sjur Bygd is an acute psychological observer, who describes Man and Nature.