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The hotel in 1928.

Fleischers Hotell  can trace its history back to 1865, when international tourism began to make its mark on the community. The present building in the Swiss style was constructed in 1889. For more than a hundred years it has received guests from all corners of the world. The Fleischer family, who owns the hotel, also owns Grovendal, the neighbouring farm at Vangsvatnet. J.S.Fleischer was appointed district recorder in Hardanger and Voss in 1733. He bought Grovendal in 1760 and moved to Voss some years later. Later on, the family took over the property on which the hotel was built. Today it is one of the few hotels in the Swiss style still surviving, and is still in full operation.

The hostelry place at Vangen

  • Grovendal

Grovendal as it stands today. (Svein Nord).