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Furthest out at Storåsen, on the hill ridge between the Strande watercourse and the Raundal river, was Mula in the Middle Ages, with a longhouse in the yard. There were two farms at Mula, upper and lower, but both were deserted in the 1300s, perhaps following the Black Death. Remains of longhouses and burial mounds with stone heaps are witnesses of the life here. Three to four hundred metres further in on the ridge lie Steinringane, some rings of 8-12m in diameter with stone in the circumference. Today it is known as Mulane; the name is a name from its form, which points to the projecting shape of the hill, which is similar to a muzzle of a horse or cattle. As the farm is situated, it may be amongst the oldest in the Voss communities, and we are on the track of the longhouse tradition in the Middle Ages, as at Oppheim.