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Nesheimstunet, Voss


At the upper end of the Lønavatnet lies the farm Nesheim, supposed to have been a chieftain’s farm in Viking times. It has been a large and fine farm, with one farmer, and it has stayed undivided up to our time. The old farmyard has a row of houses consisting of three units built together – scullery, smokehouse and a house with stairs to the loft – and other necessary houses for a farm. In the scullery there is still a smoking-stove, supposedly the only one left in Voss. The hayshed, which is from 1797, was in its time the largest in the community.

Lars Nilsson Nesheim (1792-1880), a well-known singer, came from this farm. Nesheimstunet was taken over by Voss Folk Museum in 1970 and restored to a high standard.