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«Den Trondhjemske postvei»

A rider on “The Trondhjemske Postal Road” at Munkbotn above Hegreneset. Coloured lithograph. Around 1840. ("Tegnet efter Naturen af Losting. Forlagt af G.C.C. W. Prahl". Svein Skare, owner: Universitetsmuseet i Bergen).

The postal link Bergen – Molde – Trondheim became a permanent connection from 1786. The road from Bergen to Hordvik is a part of the Trondheim road; upgraded to a drivable road through the Road-master General von Krogh’s grand program for improving the road standards in the west of Norway between 1780 and 1804. There were post farms at Rolland and Hordvik in Åsane. From Hordvik the post was carried by boat to Isdalstø, to the post farmer at Isdal. Here the post was ferried on to Seim and north to Lotrebogane by Lurefjorden in Lindås, across the fjord to the post farm at Hundvin and north towards Vågseidet and Fanebust by Fensfjorden.

The postal road from Munkeboth in Sandviken and north through Åsane is the route that is best maintained of the old routes from Bergen. This is a fine journey. Across the Eidsvåg Mountain it is possible to walk on the old postal road which is well maintained with old stone walls. The road passes Garpetjønn, down Kistekleiva and continues through Glaskaret – the slit (skar) where the sun goes down – “glar”- to Rolland and further on to Hundvin. Today the main road heads northwards – through the Glaskar tunnel.