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Xylograph of the shipyard, Bergen

The xylograph shows the shipyard area around 1866.

Today the name “Verftet” is linked to both a district and conglomeration of buildings lying protected by Fredriksberg castle. The original shipyard was founded in the 1780s by Georg Brunchorst and Georg Vedeler. It was called Gerogenes Verft (the shipyards of the Georgs), and here ships were both built and repaired in the years after 1786.

The shipyard continued under various owners, but it was especially the influence of Annanias Dekke after 1853 that paved the way for the golden period of the shipyard. Dekke had learnt shipbuilding in Boston, USA, amongst other places. A number of magnificent sailing ships were built here, and Dekke earned the reputation as one of Norway’s best ship designers and builders. In the 40-year period between 1853 and 1892 (the year in which Dekke died), 41 sailing ships and 15 wooden steamships were built at the yard. The activity continued until 1912.

In 1910 A/S United Sardine Factories LTD was established on parts of the yard area, and in the years that followed, it was developed into one of the largest sardine factories in Norway. Today the factory has a new life as “Kulturhuset” (House of Culture) with a varied selection of activities and offices.

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